Getting Ready to Spread Our Wings

It’s an indescribable feeling; a blend between excited and anxiety. Deb and I have been together since December of 1994, and this is the first vacation we will have ever taken alone.

There is much story to tell behind that statement, but I’m going to leave the bulk of it untold. I am taking the time to write this in the middle of the chaos of packing and planning, not only to share it with our followers, but  (and primarily) as a way to document the experience.

It’s odd how fast time goes by. I look at the blog and realize it took almost a year to post about what was our first family vacation in almost ten years. You’d think we’d share that a whole lot faster. Truth be told, life just keeps running away from us. There is so much going on that we often can barely keep up.

One of our goals this year is to post on our blog more often, even if we do smaller posts. We know we have family and friends who actually enjoy reading the updates. We’re going to try hard to bring them more frequently. So, this is us in the middle of chaos. Preparing for something we have literally never done before, (not even for a honeymoon)–turn our children over to a friend and/or relative for the purpose of a vacation.

Deb vacuuming

On a few occasions when I was driving truck my mom helped by taking our children so that Deb could jump in the truck with me. She’d be with me a week or two while I was working. We were not dropping responsibilities or taking a break.  We were simply doing our best to maintain our marriage while I worked a job that kept me away from home two to three weeks at a time, with no more than 2 or 3 days home before leaving again. The home time meant spending a lot of time with the kids playing games or hanging out in the yard working on stuff. Home time left little time for Deb and I.

Deb by truck in West Virginia

My hard working wife often feels like she asks “too much” of people. So, feeling like we were already stretching the limits of my mom, we never tried to really take time to go on a vacation; just the two of us.

I’m sure rarely having time alone is the norm for most parents, but for some reason as we pack and prepare for a trip that really has no solid destination, the thrill is indescribable. It’s insanely scary and crazy exciting at the same time.

Deb says she is excited, but I find her excitement hard to read sometimes. Myself, I can hardly contain myself. Having Isaiah forces us to be home all the time, and while I hate very populated public places, I really enjoy both driving,and being in the isolation of nature. The most at home I’ve ever felt was in my 8.5 foot by 10 foot sleeper and I’m ecstatic at the prospect of spending a week in the van with my wife!

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