Anti-Homeschooling Comments We Recently Experienced

Recently, hubby and I experienced a couple anti-homeschooling comments for the first time. We’ve been doing this gig officially for 6 years , so it surprised us that it took this long. I’ve read blogs and articles on how other homeschoolers have dealt with negativity and those people had clear and thought-provoking replies to their naysayers. Amazingly, the comments we received were so absurd we couldn’t use any of those. So much for being prepared.

Comment #1 – “But how will they learn how to date?”

Wow. Sometimes you have to just say nothing and shake your head. Picture this, two moms, who are familiar with me, are having a conversation about school. One who has a 4-year old daughter, expressed interest in homeschooling because she wasn’t impressed with the school system based on past experience. The other mom seemed shocked and said it wasn’t a good idea. When the preschooler mom spoke up about my success at homeschooling the other mom sputtered in shock “Yes, but how is your daughter going to learn how to date?! I mean isn’t her (referring to me) son like 12 or 13? He’s not going to know how to meet people!”.

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And that folks, is apparently where I’m dropping the ball. Although any number of witty comebacks would work as a reply, at some point you have to stop and think, “Wait, so is THIS the reason you send your kids to public school?” One could only assume that naysayer mom doesn’t let her kids out the big door except to go to school. The poor dears.


Comment #2 – “We went to public school and turned out fine.”

HA! This one made hubby and I laugh out loud. The person saying it didn’t really know my husband that well. Just well enough to question his parenting techniques apparently. What he was missing was the fact that my husband dropped out in the 10th grade but years before that happened he had a successful drug dealing career at school. Now did public school TEACH him to deal drugs? No, that would be his upstanding peers who also attended said school with him. The school, however, did offer a wide customer base that made him very successful in his endeavors. Not exactly the moral training grounds I’m looking for to educate my kids. In the end he DID turn out okay, but it happened after a divine encounter with God, not from a public school background.

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Why all the negativity for homeschooling?

Most people aren’t staunch haters of homeschooling, they just fear the unknown. Chances are those that are vocal enough to make comments like those above have no clue what homeschooling really entails. Maybe they picture me “playing school” at home with desks lined up, ringing a bell at the end of every subject and handing out bathroom passes, who knows. They are clearly unaware of various studies and articles published on the success of homeschooling. This website has been researching the outcomes of homeschoolers for quite some time.  It has gathered a plethora of data that supports homeschooling is a better option compared to public school in many different areas.

I’m completely devoted to my children’s education and bringing them up to be well-rounded, contributers to society regardless of any comments. So I’ll just be over here…doing my thing (and handing out bathroom passes).


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