Full-time Future: Ruling Out Rigs

The process of getting ready to go full-time in an RV is challenging.  The main concern at the moment is choosing the right RV to launch our adventure.  With so many options available to choose from we’re finding that we need to start by narrowing the choices.

You ever dig through a pile of Lego’s with your kids? You’re looking for one simple piece, but you can’t find it. You keep pushing the parts around, back and forth, but you can’t seem to turn up that one piece. Finally, in a last ditch effort you start picking through one at a time, removing pieces from one pile and creating a second. One pile is yet to be dug through, the other is all the parts you’re not looking for. That’s what it’s been like for us as we’ve looked at options.

Finally after sifting through list after list of RVs, we realized we’d have to start narrowing down our choices by what we didn’t want, rather than by what we were looking for. Part of the problem, honestly, is that we aren’t quite sure exactly what it is we want. The basics are easy: it’s gotta sleep 6 minimum, our daughter needs an individual bed, we have to have slide outs for our special needs guy to have room to stim, and it has to be able to haul a little weight. Beyond that, we’ve come up with more things we don’t want, than things we do, so our approach has changed. We started eliminating possibilities, and the possibilities we’ve definitely ruled out are…

Class A Rigs

Class A motorhome not a full-time option for us While we love the storage room and weight hauling capacity, the price of one of these new is way over what I’m willing to spend on a house of any type. Prices on used ones aren’t quite as bad, but would take us a lot longer than we’d like to save up for. Since we pay cash for everything, don’t want to wait, and can’t find a floor plan we like, we’ve decided to just rule them out.

Class A’s have been removed from the pile. Unless someone donates one, and parks it in our driveway, we’ve stopped glancing at even the old ones.

Class B

Class B motorhomeHaving a family of 6 made ruling these out mandatory. But I have to tell you, I am sad. There is something in me that just loves the idea. I picture us hopping into one of these and driving all over the country. Let’s face it, you can get a Class B into so many places that you couldn’t put other units.

With no room to sleep 6, a lack of weight hauling ability, no room for our son to stim, it was a rapid rule out. But some day, when the kids are grown, I certainly am interested in taking a look at something like this. But for now, Class B’s are in the discard pile.

Class C

Class C motorhomeThe Class C actually took the longest for us to rule out. The price of a used one fell down far enough to give me pause and some of the layouts were not completely horrible.  I thought an older Class C would make the perfect unit to rip into and remodel. I like the concept of a drivable house, but after thinking it through this was also eliminated.

After much discussion, we’ve decided we don’t want the pull vehicle and our house to be the same unit. So even after removing price problems and layout issues all three of these units earned an additional strike against them because if the engine breaks–you’re out of a house.

I’ve read several stories in the last couple months of how people were out of their homes for quite some time while engines were replaced or custom work was done.  Perhaps this sort of problem isn’t all that common, but it’s something we’ve decided we can do without.

We’ve effectively narrowed our search quite a bit, by ruling these out. That said, we’ll be busy for quite some time sorting through options available in the travel trailer and 5th wheel category.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook if you’re interested in seeing this dream unfold. Our life has already been quite an adventure the last several years, we’ve got some mountains to climb to make this happen!


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