Are you new to homeschooling or thinking of homeschooling? Many parents are worried about sending their kids back to public school in the fall. The Facebook homeschool group I belong to has exploded in member count from parents like this. Some parents are down right panicking over what options are out there and they are taking a serious look at homeschool. My plan with this series is to answer many of the questions I hear from new homeschoolers or those parents who are thinking of making the official leap. I’ll try to break up the series into parts that make sense together.

What will be discussed?

Some of the main areas that will be covered are:

homeschool mom with young daughter

I’m here to help!

This is just a small sample of questions I’ve seen in a local Facebook group. Maybe you have a question that hasn’t really been touched on in that list so feel free leave a question in the comments and I can fit it in there somewhere. I’ll definitely be busy in the weeks ahead while I explore the above list and do my best to answer all that I can. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve picked up a bit of wisdom in my 14 year journey so far. My hope is to make new homeschoolers feel more confident in their decision to homeschool and demystify this educational option for anyone thinking of homeschooling in the near future.

~Stay tuned~

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