New to Homeschooling? A Brief Overview of Standardized Tests

New to Homeschooling? A guide to Standardized Tests

A standardized test is an exam given to large numbers of students at the same grade level. The scores make up the norms which make it possible to compare students. They typically check knowledge in language arts (spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, etc), reading comprehension, and math skills. This can give you a basic snapshot of how your child is […]

New to Homeschooling? A Guide To Homeschool Organizations

NTH Series Guide to Homeschool Groups

Welcome! As a new homeschooler, maybe you’ve heard veteran homeschoolers recommend various groups for guidance and support. These organizations usually require a membership and in return offer support through services and benefits. Today, I’ll explain what a homeschool organization is, how they can help you, and why it’s a good idea to join one or […]

New to Homeschooling? Legalities and Making It Official

New To Homeschooling? Legalities and Making it Official

Welcome! This series on “New to Homeschooling” is broken up into posts using frequently asked questions about home education and I answer them as efficiently as I can. My posts are reflective of my home state of Minnesota when it comes to laws, but I will put links within to locate information relevant to other […]